Thursday, July 8, 2010

Interlude: Baby Beluga's New Favorite Book

Baby Beluga heard that Miss Megan Highfill is a contributing author in a new book called, One Size Does Not Fit All. He figured, since she is a freakishly obsessed fan of his song, he should probably check out her book. I mean, she does make four kindergarten classes sing Baby Beluga three times a week for about 36 weeks. That's like 432 times a least.

First, he ordered the book on Amazon. It was really easy.

He added a few other books to his cart to get the $25 Free Super-Saver Shipping. That means he had to wait for the book for weeks and weeks. He just sat there at the mailbox and waited. It was a little lame.

Finally, he received the package from Amazon and used scissors as big as his head to open it. It was surprisingly difficult with his fins.

Baby Beluga was SO happy the get the book, he had his picture taken with it. Again, it's called One Size Does Not Fit All and it's edited by Randy Howe, with contributing author, Megan Highfill.

Then, he turned to page 87 to the story called, Anthem, by Megan Highfill and read it thoroughly. It was rather good and he was impressed.

He called his land friends and asked them to read the narrative for their monthly book club. They had an intense discussion and rated the book highly on their animal-star scale.

Baby Beluga went to a special book signing at the home of Miss Highfill, which, since he lives there, was pretty easy. She is a super nice person.

He took a picture of her with her book and because she's really obsessed with pictures of herself, another of her reading her chapter.

"I would recommend this book, especially the chapter called, Anthem," Baby Beluga was heard saying, "To anyone who enjoys reading and everyone who does not."

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  1. Baby Beluga wouldn't have had to wait weeks and weeks for his book had he gone to his local bookstore...sorry, as a professional in the book industry, I just had to say it. Seriously though, very cool! Congratulations!