Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Poem for Scuba: Hurghada Dive Certification

Diving Sonnet I
Hurghada, Egypt: The Red Sea
Certification Dives: October 19-20

A fairer, finer morn' could not be found,
When on the boat we packed our gear away,
And all who sailed did make a yawning sound,
For tired were the folks at break of day.
A bumpy night of travel, less of sleep,
The students set their course for Red Sea Shore,
But troubles to their self the pupils keep,
Because they knew the day would give them more.
Then at first breath, first sight, first water's song,
When creatures of the sea first come alive,
The weary trav'ler's worries now were gone,
One goal remained and that was just: to dive.
When bus departed none were e'er the same,
Those who were students; divers they became.

Students of diving before our first certification dive.
The clown fish are my favorite. Thanks to Jess who used my camera to take these amazing photos!
Peggy, Beth and me, refusing to separate.
My diving buddy, Beth, going all rock star on us.
Some of the coral we saw.
Beautiful sunset on The Red Sea.
Our team of divers, me, Beth and Debbie with our instructor, Ahmed.
Pretty, eery fish.
Me and my buddy, Beth.
More from the clown fish. Actually, my favorite shot from this dive.
The AIS West Dive Team. This picture includes a dive master candidate (Jess), newly certified divers (9 of us), a couple
experienced divers and our two instructors.
For more pictures, CLICK HERE.

More diving to come this weekend when I visit Marsa Alam. I'll be allowed to have my camera the whole time, too!

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