Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Poem for Scuba: Eight Dives of Eid

Diving Sonnet II
Marsa Alam, Egypt: The Red Sea
Eight Dives of Eid: October 24-29

The eight dives of Eid are a glorious thing,
Where the turtles swim and the dolphins sing,
Away from the hustle of work, take wing,
For the divers, yearning and wonder we bring.

The eight dives of Eid are a beautiful sight,
Where clams and coral fill with delight,
Away from the constant teaching plight,
For the divers, five days when things are just right.

The eight dives of Eid are a necessary break,
Where sharks do fear and excitement make,
Away from the grueling time spent awake,
For the divers, a journey we were able to take.

The eight dives of Eid a family made,
Where a dive squad created, explored and played,
Away from Cairo we wish we had stayed,
For the divers, the memories do not fade.

Pretty, pretty
We saw several blue-spotted rays.
These two lion fish are gorgeous.
Possibly my favorite shot from the entire trip!
I heart sea turtles!
I think this is a crocodile fish and it is weird-lookin'.
1/2 of the White Trip Dive Squad!
Also might be my favorite shot from the trip. We went into an underwater cavern and the light came down from holes in the ceiling.
Bottom right=SHARK! White Tip Reef Shark we saw. It was amazing.
A family of dolphins we saw while snorkeling in between dives. I like that it looks like they are flying.

For more pictures from our trip, Click Here.


  1. Look at all those ocean dwellers!Underwater nature! These are incredible. I especially like that cavern one.